Breed Details

About the Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is an ancient droving breed highly prized in the rugged northern

districts of Scotland by farmers for their working ability. They were bred to be

independent workers who could be trusted to use their brains and abilities to flush out

the sheep and bring them back down the rugged areas on which they were set to work.


Most of todays Beardies would pass a Herding Instinct test as they are very intelligent

and have still maintained a keen working instinct and a great love of people. He can

however embarrass you with his antics at any time, normally the most inappropriate



There are very few (if any) beardies working in Australia at the moment as their coats,

 our climate, and the prevalence of burrs and grass seeds would make it very difficult

for them to work effectively, although a lot of Clubs do run “Herding Instinct” tests and go

on to “Full Herding” training.  There have been quite a few in Australia that have reached this.


Both of my girls have passed their “Herding Instinct” tests, which proves they don’t only

have beauty, they have brains as well!


About Beardies:-

They are a family dog. They like to be a member of the family and be included in activities.

They are Alert, Intelligent, Curious, and easily trainable. They generally respond quickly to training but you need to be firm and consistent with your commands, they can get easily bored if the training is too repetitive or too long.

Please do not leave them out in the garden and forget about them, they like to be with you and love a cuddle.

Beardies are not Robots. Each beardie has its own personality, they love a bit of fun and you will find they can be great clowns.

They have an inbuilt need to please. Let them know you love them with plenty of praise. 



Treasure each moment, don't be cross

When you find one glove and the other's lost

When the face gazing up at you seems to say

"Now where did I put that yesterday?"


Don't be cross when the day is done

And he wants to play and have some fun

When he finds his ball and as a treat

Lays it before your aching feet.


Don't be cross when it's pouring with rain

And he wants to go out in the garden again

When the muddy paws leave an endless track

From the front hall door to the kitchen mat.


Don't be cross when your favorite shrub

Spends most of the time outside its tub

When the lawn resembles a putting green

Full of more holes than you've ever seen. 


Treasure each moment, make them last

For the time will come when they're over and passed

When the soft brown eyes are laid to rest

Remember he tried to do his best. 


Treasure each moment deep in your heart

For when the time comes and you have to part

You will know for certain that come what may

You wouldn't have changed a single day.


Be grateful and happy for all you've shared

Content that he knew you really cared

Treasure each moment and all that's gone

Then repeat it again with another one!! 

~ Unknown ~